The project: What is your project about?

The creation of an edible food forest with kazakh apple trees (Malus Sieversii)

Our goal is to recreate the biotope of these apple trees in order to preserve this genetic heritage for the future générations.

Inspired by their orginal habitat, we will install an ecosystem close to the ones their parents have in the mountains of Kazakhstan. Some of the original companion plants will be replaced by close relatives aclimated to our region while occupying the same layer, but more appropriate to food production : black berries will be replaced by thornless blackberries, hops by hardy kiwis,… We will therefore end up with a multi layered orchard providing us with a high yield potential.

80 of these apple trees are presently growing in our little nursery, they have been started from seeds this last April 2012, the seeds were provided to us by the Cornwell institute (USA) coming from different parents of Kazakh apple trees.

For this project we created an ‘SCI’ (a non-trading company constituated for the ownership of property) called ‘des pommes et des hommes’ (apples and people). Even though it is considered as a company, it is the closest thing to a coop, offering us easy access to a variable capital, social and financial, allowing us to expend our activities and our number of members. With that in mind, we can consider this project the first of a series following this moto : ‘preservation of our natural edible heritage’. There is at the moment 5 associates in ‘Apples and People’, Claire, Chenli, Alexandre , Pascal, Geoffroy. This adventure started with a common will to get into a real concrete project that brings abondance to us and all, we want to stop waiting for the solutions to come from others, we want to be part of the solution.

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The funding: Why do you need support?

Apples and People is company open to collaboration with similar incentive (heritage orchad, natural protected areas, aquatic areas,…)

For this first project we each invested with our personal savings, in order to buy this 1,2ha property in the Poitou region, France. Now, we would like to be able to allow this project to strive toward a perenial development. This is why we are going toward a crowd funding co-operation.

With your help, we will be investing in tools, mulching materials, companion plants, tree protections and start planning a future project…

A permaculture design of the project is in the process and we forsee the eventuality of hosting courses and visits and thefore we have the intention of building a small structure to keep people off the rain, keep tools,…, this structure could also allow us to have some water catchment opportunity and irrigate requiring plants the first years.
Help us go beyond our expected goal to allow us help set up similar projects, buy land and create abundance for all.

The story behind the Kazakh apple trees

The mountains of the east of Kazakstan are known to be the birthplace of a lot of our common fruits and vegetables consummed everyday by millions of us. Including in these species the apple tree has been evolving in these areas for more 4.5million years. Along with them and many other plant species, animals and human beings have been co-evolving being able to make their selection among thousands of different varieties, offered to us like an open source gene bank.

From those aeras came our common known apple, Malus domestica, selected and crossed to developp the best from what we expect them to be.

Today, the selection is narrowing down to only a few varieties, that are clones of clones of clones, they are getting weaker and more susceptible to pests and diseases. In Kazakhstan, these apple trees have been selected by vegetarian bears for thousands of years for their sweet taste and their size, but they have also gone through natural selection and evolution and have developped a high potential of resilience. It is time for us to start thinking about the next generations and the future of apple trees in our regions. By planting these trees, we will be giving new opportunities for the selection in the creation of tomorrow’s best apples, resistant to climate change and the evolution of pests and diseases.

The author: Who is behind this project?

Apples and People was created in 2012 to serve a specific purpose: protect, regenerate and create a nourishing capital. It originated from 5 persons willing to take actions now and to promote projects of reforestation and preserving a natural capital without expecting changes from elsewhere. Let's create the abundance of tomorrow!

Thank you so much for your contributions.

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